GoFAST: Advanced Use


The document is intended to provide instructions for configuring third-party software that runs with the GoFAST platform.

The additional tools allow doing:

  • Mobility at work
  • Working without network (in “disconnected” mode as DropBox)
  • Access to GoFAST on mobile devices (tablets, …) with File Explorer
  • Displaying and/or online editing Office documents on your tablet
  • Instant messaging (“chat”) on mobile phone
  • Videoconferencing on the mobile phone (in browser for now)
  • Scanning tools (smartphone, copier, …)
  • Signature tools


CEO-Vision cannot guarantee the quality of a third-party software even if we have tested it (and sometime not fully)

Local synchronization (GoFAST offline)

It is software tools that does a local copy of GoFAST files (in full or limited to some spaces) to be able to access them locally when no network is available (like in a plane).

Some software tools are one way (if the local copy is modified, you have to save it back to GoFAST when the network is again available, and in some cases, merge your modifications) or two ways, the local copy will be automatically saved back once the network if available, with a possible conflict management.

Historically we were using CMISSync but we are replacing it more and more by Mountainduck (paid software).

MountainDuck installation

The tool is available for Windows and Mac and can be downloaded here: https://mountainduck.io/

There are the steps to configure the tool (gofast.ceo-vision.com has to be replaced by the name of your GoFAST URL, cpotter by your login)



When the computer is connected to the network, MountainDuck periodically checks whether documents have been changed on the GoFAST platform. If the documents have been changed, they are copied locally (on your PC).


If you make changes offline, when there is a reconnection to the GoFAST server, your version will be uploaded and versioned unless a user has made changes to the GoFAST in the meantime. In this case a “conflict management” is activated. See below


As a precaution, it is better to avoid deleting a local directory in the synchronized tree. If you do that, the remote directories will be deleted. GoFAST does not delete the documents permanently but the procedure of “republishing” must be done

Access GoFAST files on tablet and smartphone

The GoFAST platform can be accessed from Android tablets (eg GalaxyTab), iOS (iPAD) and smartphones (Android, iOS, Blackberry).

For that you need to install the free software “Webdav Navigator Lite” from iTunes, GooglePlay. Please note that a paid version including local synchronization is available under the name “Webdav Navigator”


After that you will be able to access your GoFAST files on your smartphone:


The publisher’s site is at the following address : http://seanashton.net/webdav/

Editing MS-Office Files on Tablet

We recommend to use OnlyOffice Apps on Googleplay (on October, 2nd 2019 the version was not fully operational ) and Applestore.

Vous pourrez configurer un espace de stockage directement sur la GoFAST par « Connecter les clouds » puis choisir « Autre cloud » puis « Webdav » et entrer l’adresse « https://gofast.mycomp.com/alfresco/webdav » où vous devez remplacer mycomp.com par le domaine de votre organisation.

image14 image15

Vous pouvez ensuite naviguer dans votre arborescence et choisir le document que vous voulez éditer :


Puis l’éditer :


Instant messaging (“chat / Conversation”) on smartphones

Avec GoFAST vous avez une messagerie instantanée privée et sécurisée, équivalent de « WhatsApp » ou « MS-Teams » pour votre Organisation, fonctionnant avec Element(Riot)/Matrix (GoFAST > v3.8)

Thus you can use an application for your phone following :

For setting up these chat applications just enter your GoFAST URL (adding -comm) :


Unitary PDF Electronic signature

GoFAST allows you to open a PDF with Foxit Reader (or Acrobat), to apply a signature and save the signed PDF directly on the GoFAST platform.


You must have installed “ITHitEditDocumentOpener”

Then you can select “Edit online” in the menu. It will open the application installed on your PC (Acrobat Reader, Foxit, …) and then you can sign with a handwritten signature or electronic certificate and save directly to GoFAST while creating a version.



If you use Acrobat Reader, the application must be closed before launching the online edition

Bulk PDF Electronic signature with Qualified Signature

We are currently testing Xolidosign.

Scan/Capture to GoFAST

It is possible to create a folder allowing to deposit PDF “Images” and that they are transformed into Text PDF. It is achieved by a character recognition (OCR) commercial software installed on the PC, “ABBYY Hot Folder” (ABBYY FineReader). It allows you to scan invoices and convert them into an Text PDF for an easy search on GoFAST.



Scan from a smartphone

For example, it is possible to scan expense reports directly from a smartphone and send them directly to GoFAST.


For that you must have installed:

  • CamScanner and “Webdav Navigator” or
  • Scanbot

We will discuss here the configuration of Scanbot which is more user-friendly.




Scan from a multi-function copier

In this case your copier must have a webdav connector. Contact us for more details.

Content migration to GoFAST

GoogleDocs/Drive content migration

In the case of migration from a Google repository to GoFAST, follow the procedure below:


Google offers to download a zip archive with content converted to MS-Office.


Now you can unpack the archive directly into the directory tree on GoFAST