GoFAST Community : Installation


If you have problems, you can ask some help on our Community forums: https://community.ceo-vision.com


After installation, don’t forget to check if updates are available in the menu (your environment must have internet access) or directly https://your_ip_address/admin/config/gofast/update

Instructions (for AWS)


Instantiate GoFAST then go to the Configuration section


Don’t forget to choose default “Security Group” to allow 22 (ssh) and 443 (https) inbound trafic

Instructions (from image)

–Step 1: Download the image https://www.ceo-vision.com/en/content/gofast-community-ged-plateforme-collaborative-opensource (.ova, …)

–Step 2: Start the instance on your hypervisor (VMWare, …)


GoFAST is an “Enterprise Grade” platform and needs a server (mini 2vcpu,4GB RAM,SSD if possible). The use of a Desktop PC with VirtualBox is not recommanded and it is possible to get timeouts at the first access and at the end of the configuration. A simple page refresh should solve this.

–Step 3: Login in the VM and launch netui to configure the network (fix IP address, gateway, …)


To login in console mode to the VM : login : root password : @C0mmunity! (with a 0 not O)


The keyboard is at the beginning in FR mode (French) which can pose problem when you enter the password with a QWERTY keyboard.


The root password will be changed by the one setup during the configuration process (see below)

–Step 4: Enter https://your_ip_address and configure the platform.


To access the platform via an FQDN, please configure your DNS or hosts file

The configuration

After going to the IP address, a configuration page is displayed, containing 4 steps:

–La configuration du nouveau nom de domaine

-Configuration of SSL certificate

-Configuration of SMTP server

-The configuration of plateform administrator account

Once those 4 steps completed, a page is displayed with a summary. If everything is correct, confirm the configuration.

Step 1 : Domain Name Configuration

On this screen you will describe every part of the FQDN of GoFAST, ex. gofast.ceo-vision.com :

  1. New Sub-Domain : This is the subdomain of the GoFAST, ex. gofast
  2. New Domain : This is usualy the domain of your organisation ex. ceo-vision
  3. New extension : This is the TLD, the last part of the url ex. com

Step 2 : SSL Certificate Configuration

At this step you will have 2 configuraiton possibilities, use your own certificates (recommended) or create self-signed ones.

The first option (recommended) is to upload your own SSL certificates :
  1. the public key of your certificate
  2. the private key
For the second option you must provide :
  1. Country
  2. State or Province
  3. City
  4. Company
  5. Organization unit
  6. Web site name
  7. E-mail address

Step 3 : SMTP Server configuration

This third step will help you to configure the SMTP server used by GoFAST to send emails. The required fields are :

  1. SMTP Server :
  2. Username :
  3. Password :
  4. Security : None (without security), TLS (….), SSL (….)
  5. SMTP Port :
  6. Recipient address :

Step 4 : Creation of administrator user

This step will define the ‘administrator’ account who will have access to several additional configurations once the GoFAST instance is started. You must choose the login, password and email address of this administrative account.


It is not possible to choose ‘admin’ which is a reserved account

Step 5 : Configuration confirmation

Please review carefully all fields and validate.


After clicking on “Finish Configuration” you will not be able to come back to the previous steps, please check every fields before submitting


Several technical operations will occur as well as several services restart, this can take more or less time depending of the server capacities


If you generated a self-signed SSL certificate, you will need to open another page with the same IP address to add the exception to the browser again. After adding this exception, immediately close this new page and return to your GoFAST loading page.

Let’s start !

You must create several users and collaboratives spaces (and sub-spaces).

The spaces can be of different types, “Organization” (business units, …), “Groups” (projects, …), “Extranet” (partners, customers, …). See the online documentation here : https://gofast-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/docs-gofast-users/doc-gofast-guide-utilisateurs.html#gerer-un-espace-collaboratif-groupe

In the sub-spaces created, add members that must access the content of this space. Add more sub-spaces if needed.

Add content using drag&drop into the “GoFAST File Browser” (file browser)

You are now ready to start !