GoFAST : Known issues


If you subscribed for GoFAST Enterprise and you don`t find the answers to your questions below it is important (after checking that you follow pre-requirements) to provide some information to CEO-vision support about the type of software you use (Windows, Mac, Linux), operating system version, browser type and version, if necessary the version of the office suite (MS-Office, LibreOffice, …). You can also consult in the forum: https://community.ceo-vision.com


GoFAST prohibits the use of insecure protocols like SSL, TLS1.0 and TLS1.1. This can be the cause of the connection rejection in MS-Office and the Network drive on Windows 7 (no longer supported by CEO-Vision) on which the security fixes would not have been applied (see https: //community.ceo-vision .com/topic/83/internal-error-loading-libraries-%C3%A8ques-ssl-office2010-windows7-uses-non-s%C3%A9curis%C3%A9s-protocols).

Microsoft Office issues

Find Office version

In case when an issue relates to the application of MS-Office suite it is important to know what kind of its version you have and if the updates are automatically installed. The Office version can be found in “About Excel”. For example, here is the version 1801


Notification “Impossible to connect to … Please check the web address you use is correct”

MS-Office does not support paths longer than 240 characters. For solving such issue you should do one of actions below:

  • shorten the filename
  • or use LibreOffice or OnlyOffice

If this issue still occurs, please try to empty the cache of your Microsoft Office download center


The notification “The download failed”: It is impossible to save the file on Microsoft Office after an online edition

During an online edition of an Office file, it may happen while saving, the notification indicates that the file is read-only and cannot be saved.

The problem is often caused by the malfunction of the “Microsoft Download Center”. This Download center is made to avoid losing your work in the event of disconnection with the remote server (For example: GoFAST). However, sometimes it blocks the upload of the files. These blocked files are listed on the Downloaded center.

Two solutions are provided here to resolve the issue:

1/ Instead of “Save”, choose “Save as”, then click on “Recent files” and select the folder where your file will be kept. Save your version overwriting the file which is on the server.

If Office tells you that saving cannot be done, follow the procedure below.

2/ The Microsoft “Office Upload Center” sometimes blocks the downloading of a file and it blocks all following files. In this case, you must open the Download Center (orange icon in the task bar) and empty the list (see the screenshots) :

1/ If you send (upload) the blocked versions into the list, overwrite the version that is on GoFAST with a version that may be outdated. Thus pay attention to the dates of update on GoFAST (history/document’s versions).


Overwriting a file with a new version is reversible because everything is automatically versioned with GoFAST and you can reclaim old versions in just one click.

2/ If you delete/empty the list of documents in this “Office Upload Center”, it is advisable to check that you have the final version of the file on your PC. If you have never saved your file on your PC, it is necessary to click on “Save Copy” on the most recent version in the “Office Upload Center”.

When the blocked files have been deleted :

1/ Your file is opened in edition from GOFAST and you can return on the document into MS-Office (Word, Excel…) and re-click on “Save”. The file is uploaded towards GOFAST.

2/ The file is on your PC (ex: Desktop) and you can drag and drop it from the PC to GoFAST, on the document page (upper right corner, dotted area).

“Protected View” from MS-Office with message: “Be careful, files from the internet can contain viruses”

When a file is opened with the MS Office application from a location on GoFAST, an MS-Office configuration do that it is sometimes opened in “read only” mode for security reasons.

If MS-Office is configured in “Protected Mode” when editing online a message will be displayed “PROTECTED VIEW Be careful, files from the internet can contain viruses. Unless you need to edit, its safer to stay in protected view.”

This standard behavior of MS-Office is seen not as a security feature, but a constraint in the use of GoFAST.

To prevent this message and open directly in “edition” mode :

1/ Go to the concerned configuration :

  • To avoid this warning message : File / Option / Trust Center / Trust Center Settings / Trusted Locations
  • OR click on “Protected View settings” in : File / Info / Protected View

2/ Once in settings of “Trust Center”, tab “Trusted Locations” :

  • Be careful to check “Allow trusted locations on my network”
  • Click on “Add a new location” dans copy the GoFAST URL with “/alfresco/webdav” at the end (ie: https://gofast.ceo-vision.com/alfresco/webdav/)
  • Please check that “Subfolders of this location are also trusted” for MS-Office authorizes all path available to the GoFAST user.

Microsoft “Files Explorer” Problem


The Microsoft “File Explorer” works more or less well depending on the versions of Windows you use. If you encounter persistent problems we advise you to install third-party software like Cyberduck https://cyberduck.io. Nevertheless in this case it is impossible to make “Open from” or “Save as” from Windows applications and specifying a GoFAST path.

Message “The file size exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved” (0x800700DF)

This Windows error message comes from a Windows limitation which avoid webdav large size transfert. See the bug fix on Microsoft website : https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/900900/folder-copy-error-message-when-downloading-a-file-that-is-larger-than

Notification “Network error” happens to File Explorer (0x80070035)

In the case of “Windows cannot access …”, check that the service webclient has started.

0x80070035: “The network path was not found”

Error message : “The file size exceeds the allowed limit …” (0x800700DF)

If the copied file exceeds 50MB, Microsoft displays an error message of type “Error 0x800700DF: The file size exceeds the limit allowed and can not be saved.”.

How to avoid this message:

Please note that if the problem still occurs if you try to read a file larger than 50MB. In this case the message is : “Reading impossible Retry. If error continues, please read https://support.microsoft.com to request help.” (0x80004005)

Insufficient space error when copying with Windows File explorer

When Windows displays in Windows “File Explorer” that you lack of space on GoFAST, it is not the case (Windows bug),

This is a Microsoft bug. Windows displays the free size of your local hard drive instead of the remote (GoFAST) size. See: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2386902/webdav-mapped-drive-reports-incorrect-drive-capacity

If you don’t have enough free space on the local hard drive, Windows will warn incorrectly that there is not enough space on the GoFAST server.

So, if you need to add documents to your server, you need to make space on your local disk, there is no other choice to work around this Windows bug (or use other means than the drive Windows Webdav: for example, the file explorer integrated into the platform)

Concretely, if you want to deposit a 2 GB file on GoFAST in Webdav, you must make sure you have at least 2 GB free on your PC to work around this Windows bug.

Impossible to edit online PDF content with Acrobat Reader (v18)

Check that the Acrobat Reader application is already closed before launching the edition online. Such problem does not happen to FoxitReader

Webconference problems


The web conference requires recent and functional hardware (PC and local network infrastructure and Internet). Specific network configurations are required. Please check with you network administrator.


The utilization of 4G allows having better speed and less port filtering than the utilization of a simple ADSL. We have found that using the same browser for all participants can significantly increase the quality, especially with FIREFOX v60 +

“No audio/video for the others participants”

Please check with your network administrator that the firewall filtering rules have been correctly setup. It is possible to avoid temporary this problem by using a 4G connection.

Error message “Unfortunately something went wrong”

Check that the resources of your PC are not congested (Processor, Network), by pressing CTRL + ALT + Del then “Task Manager” and that your PC is powerful enough.

If this happens at the very beginning of the webconference, refresh the web page or click F5

No Web conferencing with Safari

The Safari support for the WebRTC protocol used by the Jitsi-Meet webconference component is fairly recent and does not work completely. We recommend you to use Chrome for Mac or possibly the Temasys plugin (not supported)

IE11: “You are using an incompatible version of IE”

It indicates that IE11 is in compatibility mode (and therefore works like IE7 / 8/9/10 depending on what was chosen (see in following screenshot).

Remember: This is an often decision to keep compatibility with old applications that does not work with a recent version of IE (yet the only ones receiving security patches since Microsoft abandoned IE in favor of Edge)

For changing this mode, click on the gear wheel, “Development Tools” and change “User Agent String” by IE11 instead of IE10 (see in the screenshot)

Problème de Chat Collaboratif - Messagerie live

Volet du Chat vide et hors connexion

Dans certains cas, il peut arriver que le bloc latéral de droite dédié au Chat collaboratif, reste vide. Comme ci-dessous :


Cela arrive lorsque le navigateur web ne parvient pas à connecter l’utilisateur au serveur de Chat à cause de la présence de plusieurs onglets pointant vers GoFAST. Par exemple, si vous avez 3 onglets ouvert vers la plateforme dans votre navigateur Firefox.

Comment résoudre le problème :
  1. Fermez tous les onglets ouverts sur GoFAST, sauf 1
  2. Recharger la page, de préférence en faisant un ‘Ctrl+F5’ ou ‘Fn+F5’ (dépend de votre PC)
  3. Le volet du Chat va se reconnecter, puis vous pouvez rouvrir vos autres onglets GoFAST (ceux fermé précédemment).

Preview problem

No streaming video

The advantage of video streaming is to watch a video sequence directly in the browser (GoFAST) without having to download it. Without plugin, this depends on the browser and the video format.

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